The Vault Member Spotlight: Marlene Srdic

The Vault Member Spotlight: Marlene Srdic

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 23 October, 2022

Marlene Srdic is a former magazine editor and currently a content creator/online entrepreneur. In her blog, Life with Mar, Marlene helps modern women feel stylish with fashion tips, everyday outfit ideas, and home decor inspiration. She is a copywriter and blog coach at Glitz & Grammar, where she helps female entrepreneurs connect with their ideal audience through wow-worthy copy.  

Marlene told us about what she does and why she loves it, “I have two businesses so there's definitely a juggle. With G&G, I love getting to meet so many passionate women and helping them reach their customers. They are brilliant and have a wonderful message to share with the world but sometimes feel 'stuck' on how to share it and I help them bridge that gap.”

She further explains her passion, “With LWM, I am a busy mom of two and know exactly how it feels to not exactly feel like yourself. Feeling put together with your outfits and surroundings may seem small, but makes such a big impact on your well-being and self-worth, and that has a wonderful trickle-down effect to everyone around you. I help simplify the overwhelm and love sharing new finds to women who may not have the time (or energy) to shop!” 

We asked Marlene about her future goals career-wise and in her personal life and here is what she let us in on, “I am currently working on launching my first online course, "Well-Said", which helps bloggers and online biz owners learn how to sharpen their writing skills, grow their online influence and get confident with their writing. I also recently launched a YouTube channel and look forward to continuing to grow and connect with my community.” We wish Marlene all the best in her future endeavors and are so glad to have amazing women like her in our Modern Day Wife community. 

You can find the waitlist for her online course here:

Be sure to keep up with more of Marlene on Instagram: @lifewithmarblog