The Vault Member Spotlight: Tanerra Willis

The Vault Member Spotlight: Tanerra Willis

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 01 March, 2022

Tanerra Willis works in retail sales, coaching and motivational speaking for her brand, The Amazing Corner where she promotes her lifestyle-improvement-focused brand apparel, books and merchandise.

Tanerra became an author around the time her son was eight years old and then organically her career grew into a business of children's picture books. What started out as a way to encourage her son and show him he could do amazing things grew into a business to encourage others to BE AMAZING in their own right, fulfilling their dreams by overcoming barriers, past trauma and negative life experiences. 

The Amazing Corner utilizes self-published books and unique apparel to motivate others to transform their lives and accomplish their goals. Their products are unique in so many ways. Several of their products/books were created by a Black male and bilingual youth. In addition, their products include diversity and try to include all aspects of the human race/experiences. We asked Tanerra what she loves most about what she does and her company. Tanerra says, “When I get the feedback that what we have shared through our speaking engagements or in-person sales has motivated the recipient to be a better person and believe in themselves.”

Some tips that Tanerra has for balancing a career, relationships and social life includes listening to your body and being aware of your outcomes. Tanerra said, “If you are not fully present and not yourself you are misaligned in your priorities. If you are not getting the results you are expecting it is time to slow down, assess, and pivot.” These are truly some words to live by, regardless of career and experience.  

Tanerra also told us about facing adversity in life and in her career and how she was able to overcome it. “Adversity and hurdles happen at every turn: once when I was feeling emotionally overwhelmed, I had to put my emotional health and family wellness first and not focus on financial gain. It did cost me revenue, but I gained the support of family and friends coupled with personal peace and clarity and that in itself is priceless.” 

Tanerra has been able to create a great brand and overall name for herself despite the hurdles along the way. We are so proud of her and excited to have Tanerra as a Vault Member for The Modern Day Wife! You can learn more about The Amazing Corner on their website and on Instagram: @theamazingcorner