The Vault Member Spotlight: Laurin Collar

The Vault Member Spotlight: Laurin Collar

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 01 March, 2022

Laurin Collar is a content creator, influencer and part time television host; she runs The Collar Find which is a lifestyle blog with recipes, travel tips and so much more! When we asked Laurin about what prompted her to create her brand she said, “I was sitting with friends and they encouraged me to put all of my tips and tricks, recipes and gift ideas in one place. The Collar Find was born out of that conversation.” 

Laurin’s brand The Collar Find was created as a way to fill the void for the lack of middle aged influencers on social media. Laurin shares tips and tricks for the kitchen and the closet and other things she has learned along the way. The Collar Find is a unique brand as Laurin heavily focuses on the video aspects. She also likes to connect with her followers constantly, creating an interactive community that shares ideas. Laurin and her brand are based in Charleston but this has enabled her to connect with many people all over the world. She has found a supportive and collaborative community. 

We asked Laurin for some tips regarding balancing career, relationships and social life and here is what she had to say, “It's hard to do it all, no matter what age your kids are. Mine are teens and I'm still busy with them and work. If there is one thing I know how to do, it is efficiency and time management. A lot of the ideas I share are created with that in mind.” Along with these tips, Laurin has also faced some struggles in her career, but she is figuring things out slowly but surely! She explains, “The hardest struggle has been the tech side of things. I have a website and an email list with exclusive recipes coming soon! Growing has been slow and steady, word of mouth is key. It's hard as a "doer" to be patient as I grow organically.”

We have loved getting to know Laurin and her brand a bit better and of course are so glad to have her as a Vault Member here at The Modern Day Wife! Make sure to follow her on Instagram @thecollarfind and check out her content on her official website