Next Stop: Ageless Skincare and a Youthful Look

Next Stop: Ageless Skincare and a Youthful Look

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 28 February, 2022

Let me introduce to you Elite Aesthetics: an all-around skincare brand whose focus is solely on making you feel as young and uniquely you as you can be. With skincare and injections at the forefront of the brand, there’s nothing better than feeling your best with a brand that is all about keeping you youthful and glowing. 

As mentioned in their brand statement, Elite Aesthetics’s mission is "To create a warm and relaxed experience where patients feel safe sharing their concerns and goals regarding personal improvements” and with its inspiration being helping women and men “feel and look good in their skin,” they stand true to their mission beliefs. 

Dr. Vanessa May founded Elite Aesthetics in hopes of sharing this eccentric goal of creating a welcoming and healthy skincare regimen that makes everyone feel their 110% best. When asked about her aspirations for the brand, her intentions stayed strictly on the people she hopes her brand will serve. 

“My aim is for everyone to love who they see in the mirror and also love who they are inside. When you look and feel good, it motivates people to also take better care of themselves. It encourages people to want to go to the gym, eat healthier, etc. It is a great domino effect.” - Dr. Vanessa May

Elite Aesthetics creates a variety of different products that focus on keeping your skin glowing, young, and healthy, while also creating an appearance that one can best describe as rejuvenated and imbued with vitality. 

“My main focus is on anti-aging skincare and injectables, using a combined approach to help others achieve a younger, more refreshed, and youthful-looking appearance.” - Dr. Vanessa May

What makes Elite Aesthetics unique is not only their dedication to their patients but also the care that goes into their products. According to Dr. May, they are also in the works of creating more options that will offer the same refreshing effects their previous products deliver.

“I love when my clients trust the skincare regimen we create for them and see results! It is extremely rewarding to hear people are falling in love with their skin again. We are slowly brainstorming some skincare products under the elite brand, we want to create an individualized skincare line.” - Dr. Vanessa May

Learn more about Elite Aesthetics at or on Instagram @botoxfillersymm. 

Nothing’s better than feeling 100% authentically you, and what better way to do that than with a skincare brand that will make your skin feel just that: refreshed, youthful, and healthy.  

“If anyone wants advice or guidance on how to start the anti-aging journey…we can help!” - Dr. Vanessa May