Dyane MacKinnon is a makeup artist and esthetician with a salon and spa opening in Toluca Lake, CA on April 2nd! Her company The Complexion Apothecary is an eco-minded company using high-end luxury green beauty brands from Italy and the USA. The Complexion Apothecary offers services such as waxing, skincare, all lash and brow services, cut, color and blow-out services with packages are also available for most services. 

The beauty products used are unique because they use a blend of 90% eco-minded and green products and 10% conventionally made brands, which have also expressed they are not testing on animals and are making efforts to be more environmentally conscious. Luxurious services with over 20 years of knowledge and experience are put into the creation of every service.

Something that Dyane loves about her job is that she gets to continue to work with people and do what she loves while knowing that her company is not contributing to polluting our water, filling the landfills, and contaminating peoples bodies with endocrine disruptors and harmful ingredients. Here are some tips that Dyane has for balancing career, relationships and social life, “Learning what compassion is and being actively compassionate while holding the people around you to that same level of understanding after helping them understand what it is you’re giving and expecting from them. This while also giving yourself that same understanding and compassion, that is balance. Never have expectations of others that you don’t hold yourself to, and teach the people around you to level up and learn what you’ve learned - if they decide that’s not for them or doesn’t feel right to them, that’s when you cut people out to make room for people on this new level of your life."

Lastly, we asked Dyane about a time she faced a hurdle or adversity in her life or career and how she overcame it, here is what she told us. Dyane said, “I have worked in hair and makeup since 1999 when I started my apprenticeship at a local salon. I worked for many years in Toronto doing freelance and working in salons building my name and career until February 2020 when I moved to LA from Toronto. Moving to a new city is difficult, but moving to a new country on the other side of the continent in your mid-30’s where your education and experience don’t convert so you have to go back to school, not to mention the global pandemic that hit three weeks after moving. That was a HUGE hurdle that I feel I am just coming up to my landing. I’ve worked hard to go back to school, pass the state board, work in film & TV on projects while waiting to find the perfect salon and spa location. This is the most recent of a long career of having to pick myself up, smile when people ask if I'm ok only to go home and cry, and I’m still here working. That's how you know if you’re on the right career path, no matter how difficult it gets, how many landslides bring you back a few steps, or times you feel like giving up but you don’t, you keep going. I’d say relationships are opposite. After someone has let you down to the point of affecting your mental/emotional state three times, especially if it’s the same reason every time and they apologize but never change, then it’s time to move on.”

Dyane has faced a lot and worked incredibly hard to be where she is now, we are so proud to have her as a Vault Member for The Modern Day Wife. Check out her website to learn more about Dyane's beauty company and salon opening soon!