Staying Organized and Stress-Free in 2022

Staying Organized and Stress-Free in 2022

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 16 February, 2022

What’s better than learning how to declutter your life or even living a structured stress-reducing lifestyle? Organized Jane provides you with the very tools to make your everyday lifestyle one that is peaceful, managed, and driven, teaching you how to approach life through an organized lens. 

With the goal of promoting the importance of staying organized, Jane Stoller created a business community meant to invigorate its members with that same want for living a structured life. Organized Jane is a business centered around living luxuriously stress-free through simple, but effective methods of management and organization, teaching skills to individuals and businesses about how to live your best professional and personal life clean and collected. 

Organized Jane started off as an idea, one that stemmed from Jane’s love for living a collectively organized lifestyle. It started off as merely working and organizing for her friends and family as Jane greatly put in her page story, but over time, this entrepreneurial endeavor became one that not only refined her life but also the lives of others. 

“I had always had the dream to have my own organizing business since I was 6 years old but never knew how to start or I should say I was scared to start. Once I took the entrepreneurial leap in 2017 my brand took some time to evolve with a team of experts from PR to Branding and that is when I was able to refine the brand that my business now lives by! It takes time and having a proven product or service that helps people is the most important part.” - Jane Stoller 

The brand has the goal “to inspire others to get and stay organized,” and Jane attains it best through her distinctive perspective on what it means to be structured. 

What makes Organized Jane especially unique is their belief in approaching the organizing ordeal as one that is dependent on all aspects of an individual's life. 

“I believe in a holistic approach to organizing. Your house, office, and digital spaces should all be organized efficiently, not one or the other.” - Jane Stoller

Jane’s love for her job stems from her love of helping people, inspiring her to create a brand that is all about impacting lives in the most positive way possible. Her goal is one built off of the happiness of others, hoping to attain it through positive outreach meant to better the lives of other individuals. 

“What I love most about being an entrepreneur is being able to help the people that I want to help! And making a bigger impact in their lives than I ever thought possible. Getting organized is the first step to achieving any goal.” - Jane Stoller

When asked about tips she has for readers, Jane offered a mantra that emanates from the essence of her business entirely.  

“Start today, start small and declutter daily, make it a habit.” - Jane Stoller 

Stay connected and learn more about Organized Jane through their Instagram and website. You can find them at or on Instagram @organizedjane. 

Organized Jane promotes the stress-free wellbeing of individuals through their many management skills and strategies, putting the well-fair of others at the forefront; and honestly, what could be better than living your best life organized?