Tips From Dynamic Women On Self-Care.

Tips From Dynamic Women On Self-Care.

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 26 September, 2021

Tips from Dynamic Women on Self Care. 

Are you looking for new ways to recharge? Something to change your routine up a bit? Maybe even a new nightly routine to help you relax? Modern Day Wife is always looking for new ways to rejuvenate self-care whether that means spending more time outdoors, trying something new or setting yourself up for success. As thriving women, young professionals, new mothers, etc, we’re always finding ways to take care of ourselves. 

Check out these tips from women in different industries on how they take care of themselves. 

  1. “Being creative in my own space allows me to recharge, whether that is DIY painting or taking a hot yoga class” Sierra. 26 years old. Community Worker. 
  2.  “MASK MONDAY'S" - At night or in the morning, trying to give myself those 25 minutes to reset my skin after a busy weekend or set it up for success for the week ahead. Whether or not my skin actually is reset, it looks glowy and hydrated!” Dana. 31 years old. Office Management. 
  3.  “My self care tip would be to do something everyday that makes you happy and live healthy!” Ebone. 26 years old. Customer Service. 
  4. “Taking baths often when I’m feeling stressed, and at times its walking around my nearby lake and just being in nature that restarts myself” Alondra. 22 years old. Radiology Intern. 
  5. “I remind myself that I’m human, it’s ok to take a break” Rachel. 42 years old. Environmental Science.
  6. “I want to be in my own presence, lay out in the sun where I can feel the breeze and read” Liliana. 26 years old. Full time student and full time mother of two kids.

Try their advice out, try something new each week. Here at Modern Day Wife, we love trying new things, especially when it comes to self-care!