Five Fitness Trainers To Add To Your Workout List

Five Fitness Trainers To Add To Your Workout List

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 21 September, 2021

Let’s admit it, sometimes working out isn’t fun...however the effects AFTER a workout whether it’s a run, yoga or quick HIIT, feels incredibly good. It’s a mood booster, it gives you energy, you are motivated to get things done at home and at work. Even it’s just quick workout, we love how we feel and look after. We’re going to give you a list of some of our favorite fitness trainers, so let’s go check them out

 1. Kirsty Godso: The Hot Sauce Burpee Queen and also a Nike Master Trainer. She is known to be a fiery trainer ready to energize you the moment you step onto the mat. With different varieties of burpees and HIIT, she will have you sizzling! Find her on the Nike Training app!        

2. Megan Roup: The Dancing Queen. Megan mixes dance, sculpting and low intensity workouts! She recently gave birth to her baby girl and she was still dancing, working out leading up to her birth; a power woman right here! Tune into her app or website The Sculpt Society  to jam with her!        

3. Kelsey & Dennis Heenan: Strong30 Challenge. Kelsey and Dennis are best known for couples working out together. They specialize in high intensity workouts with a mix of home workouts and at the gym. Bring out those mats, take the Strong30 Challenge on their website and break a sweat with your partner! 

4. Tracy Anderson, a fitness pioneer. After lots of fitness research, she came up with her own method of exercise and what it means to workout. Her workouts range muscle building to full body workouts through aerobics. Check out  Tracy Anderson on her website for more information on her unique workouts.    

5. Amanda Bisk, former Australian Pole Vaulter. Best known for her workouts being outside and in her home, she breaks down the workout specifically on what she’s targeting whether it may be mobility or building the booty. If you're working to get a quick workout in, Amanda has the moves for you!        

Grab that water bottle and let’s move!