Eco-Friendly Makeup And Clothing Brands

Eco-Friendly Makeup And Clothing Brands

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 01 April, 2021

It can be quite overwhelming to go shopping for anything nowadays, but if you like makeup and clothing as much as I do, then you know the intimidating task of deciding which brands are going to benefit both you and the planet. I have gathered a few makeup and clothing brands that do just that. 

Axiology is a lipstick brand with its goal to be “evil free” and “super ethical”. They offer more than just lipsticks and all of their products come in plastic free packaging.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Alima Pure is best known for its Pressed Foundation with its great formula and waste-reducing refillable compact. 

100% Pure Beauty offers a full range of skincare, makeup, hair, and body products. Not only are they committed to sustainability, but they also offer a wide range of shades for every skin tone. 

Bite Beauty lipsticks are made with 12 different oils and the result is a beautiful creamy and hydrating formula that will benefit your lips. 

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Pact offers affordable adult apparel, underwear, dresses, tops and bottoms which are all made with organic cottons.

Tentree is a B corporation based in Vancouver, Canada. They offer adult apparel, outerwear, and accessories. They get their name through planting ten trees with every item purchased. 

Reformation, a company based in Los Angeles, California, is known for their commitment to sustainability and carbon-neutral practices. Although they are on the pricier end, they offer beautiful women’s apparel, denim, wedding pieces and shoes. 

Back Beat Co, also based in Los Angeles, offers adult apparel, activewear, and accessories. They are known for low-impact fabrics and recycled packaging.